Let’s discuss.

That’s why forums are for.But here are the rules: Please be open to other people’s opinions, be kind to one another and join our common fight for the International Ethics Code of the Internet.

Since the dawn of Internet it hasn’t changed. It did as new technological advances allow it but internally it pretty much stayed the same. There have been attempts to make the news or other previously-free services paid but that’s that. Internet has begun as a place where you can say everything and anything you want. Well, freedom is freedom. We are not against that and would stand strong against any regulation on privacy on the internet. But it is a public place. Shouldn’t we be nicer just like we are on the street and in the coffee shop? Fair is fair, if you have got your own website – feel free to express you opinion whatever it is. But when it comes to public places you have to take responsibility for your words and actions.

So, please, let’s have a discussion. A civil discussion about the issues that worry us, make us happy or we simply want to share because they are interesting. Our forum also has its own posting rules. For example, make a new thread only if you search if there are any similar threads. But as long you stay within the norms of a civil discussion, we are going to be fine. Needless to say, that going overboard will result in posts being deleted or even getting bans. Bans range from 24-hour temporary posting ban to a lifetime ban from the forum altogether. Hopefully, we will not have to use these options with you.

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Have fun, be nice and let’s all learn something new.

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