Freedom of Speech

These past years have been the dawn of something we now call Political Correctness(PC). The term PC has always been around but we have probably reached a point when we have to stop and assess what is happening and whether we should or should not continue going this patch. The reason why we are talking about Political Correctness is because nowadays people, especially young people seem to offend over anything there is to offend over. The problem these people are creating is that they turn the attention from the real issues. We understand that different people see different issues as real but let’s look at a few examples.

Whenever there is Halloween coming up, a bunch of people get offended over costumes. Mariachi costume is offending Mexicans, ‘sexy nurse’ costume is offending nurses and degrading women, etc. Are these the real issues? Do we need to talk about Mariachi costumes when there is real life racism going on? Do we need to discus and get offended over a nurse or Catwoman costume when women are still earning 70% of what men earn? There are real issues that we forget just to feel good about ourselves when we call out someone on the internet for liking the wrong picture, looking differently, even trying to make a joke. Even comedians get constantly bashed when all they do is observe, reflect and portray, possibly in an exaggerated manner, what they see happening in this world. Think about it. We launch at comedians not because they tell us stories about scenarios that will never happen. No, it’s actually the satirical view of our real life that cracks us up, doesn’t it?

So, just like in Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. In this case our superpower is the freedom of speech. Use it wisely because now, most of the time, it does more harm than good to the minorities and groups we try to help.

It’s all about the fun!

Have you ever thought about what is the key to being happy? We don’t automatically suggest that the title of the blog post is the answer but maybe it is? We’ve all got one life. This life. What we choose to focus on determines how we feel and as a result, how we act every day. Therefore, maybe focusing on having fun is the key to living a happy life? Now, fun is a term that everyone may perceive differently. But that is sort of what we are talking about. If reading is fun for you, read more. If participating in public events is fun, do it more often. The point is, today’s youth suffers way too much from anxiety and depression. We must focus more on things that bring us joy and happiness without worrying about things that won’t matter in a few days or weeks. And while we’re on this subject, here is a little tip. If you ever feel anxious, whether the thing you are worried about will be important the next day. Next week. Next month. Next year. This little exercise helps you put things into much broader perspective and then, maybe the argument you were having, or an exam that you’re about to take, will not seem so important.

One thing you should learn about happiness and fun is that instead of looking at other people, you should concentrate on yourself. No one usually puts their bad moments on social media. That’s why what you see are just headlines of other people’s lives. These are not stories. You are a story. You are the storyteller and the main character. Make it a good one. As you grow, you’ll learn to appreciate the value of the time you dedicate to yourself and the problems that seem real to you now will go away. We promise.

Youth Activism

Have you ever heard someone say that children are the future. The problem with that is the fact that the future is always, well… in the future. But we, the youth of the north, of the whole world are the present. We are here now and we can make a difference.

It may come of like from a political brochure, we know. But this is not a political statement. Or rather, this is not only a political statement. It’s a call to action for everyone to stand out, and speak up. Our fathers and grandfathers have made all sorts of decisions. We don’t judge the past but it’s probably safe to say that virtually a universal problem with people that are in change today is their inability to change. Some are trying but the opposing force is just too powerful that it allows very little progress. Here’s an example. Young people today are leading the technological revolution and are making a tremendous progress for every industry. The older generation that are in change in the majority of countries around the world argue where transgendered people should go to the bathroom, cause economic crisis, promote hatred and division among citizens instead of bringing us together for common cause.

As we said, we understand that this may sound a lot as a flashy memorandum about nothing. But just take a look around and what this world is becoming under the kind of leadership it had for decades. We are not saying that everyone should be a political. But maybe just maybe if would take more opportunities to speak out about the real issues this could be a much better place to live.

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